Co-Founders (and childhood friends) Mark Tulloch and Nathan Ryan launched Asia Holiday Retreats with the idea of combining their skills and experience to create a luxury travel business. They’re both very much hands-on within the team to dedicate the themselves to setting a high standard within the industry. By leading their departments and getting the best out of their teams through regular mentoring and training courses, they continue to make their vision come alive.

Mark Tulloch, Asia Holiday Retreats

Mark Tulloch

“Hospitality has been my life and career since I left school”

With over 25 years in the hospitality industry, Mark has worked at every level earning his trade in restaurants and bars in Australia. He quickly moved up to management which brought him to London for 12 years, managing 5 star hotels and luxury boutique establishments. In 2012 he was awarded Hotel Manager of the Year.


Nathan Ryan, Asia Holiday Retreats

Nathan Ryan

“I’m always aiming to make villa stays a pleasure for our guests”

For the past 20 years, Nathan has been working in the real estate industry; from sales consultant roles in Australia to owning his own company in Bali, Indonesia. He has vast experience in complete holiday villa operations management and all aspects of villa management, including HR, accounting, operations, maintenance, and legal.