11 Reason Villa Eden is Perfect for Your Event


11 Reason Villa Eden is Perfect for Your Event

Atmospheric excellence…

If you’ve ever been faced with the task of organising a business event or party, then you’ll know the hardest part of the equation is finding the right venue. And just to be clear, we’re not talking about a casual dinner at a restaurant with friends here. We mean the more important and challenging tasks like planning a wedding, holding a yoga retreat or even creating a corporate escape for your company.

The tricky thing about events is getting the atmosphere just right. Think about it, you’ve got many different guests to cater for, and each of those people will have their own priorities which you will somehow need to meet while also attending to the food, the schedule, the transport and everything else on the list!


Energised enviroment…

In real estate we often say that “location is everything” but in the case of yoga retreats, weddings and other important events we’ve learned that there’s something more than location that matters – and that’s atmosphere. Whatever the event you’re organising the thing that people will most remember is the vibe of the place. They’ll remember how they felt when they walked in. They’ll remember whether it was easy or hard to be there and of course, they’ll remember the food!



Turn Your Event “Exotic” at Villa Eden

Bali is an incredible island to hold a retreat or group gathering, but not many villas and hotels have the right atmosphere to make it everything you want it to be. If you’re going to create an event that people will remember, then you have to look past the cold interior design of hotels and keep hunting for something special.

Yes, there are purpose-built retreat centres out there that charge huge fees to utilise their spaces, but the cost of these venues will often blow your budget before you even get started. To run a successful event, you need to be smart with how you allocate your costs, so that’s why we’re turning renting Villa Eden into an all-inclusive retreat friendly package. You can see some gorgeous photos of the estate here but read on for a quick list of why this property is the best place for you to hold your next important event.


11 Reasons Villa Eden is Perfect for Your Event


1. Athmosphere

Villa Eden sprawls over acres of luxury tropical gardens. It’s an impressive estate that will make an unforgettable first impression as your guests arrive. It’s also tucked away in complete privacy to allow you to feel as you’ve truly escaped from the world.


2. Accomodation

The property sleeps eight people in a classic one couple per room sense, but we can add extra beds to each room as there is plenty of space. This means we can cater for up to 12 people with ample room leftover for any strays.


3. Neighbourhood

A large 6 bedroom villa sits within walking distance of Villa Eden. Often our event organisers book both spaces using the next door villa for accommodation while the main event happens at Villa Eden. This is an option for you if your event is a bigger one.


4. Treehouse

One of the rooms is in a self-contained studio which includes a kitchen allowing you to base your HQ there for the duration of the event. It’s always nice to have your own space to disappear to once the day is out!


5. Spaces

Throughout the property are many different private areas of different sizes. If your event requires small group sessions or yoga classes, this is perfect. There are also lots of separate areas where multiple functions can be run at the same time without disturbing or infringing on each other.


6. Dining areas

With two dining tables and lots of space for more you can choose to utilise the verandahs for dinner parties or even set up a marquee on the vast estate to hold as many guests as you want.


7. Staff

We have everything from butlers and drivers to nannies and housekeepers, yoga teachers, masseurs and even spa technicians. You can request as many staff as you like to help you host your event and make sure everything runs smoothly.


8. Photography

The gardens and landscaping at the villa provide a background to photos like nothing you’ve seen before. There’s a waterfall, rice paddies, tall palm trees, water features and of course a stunning infinity pool that looks out over the jungle.<>/


9. Area

Kaba Kaba is just 15-minutes away from Canggu. We promise you won’t want to leave once you’re at Villa Eden, but should you require a spot of shopping or access to some of the best spas and restaurants in Bali our drivers can whisk you down there without delay.


10. Transport

We have two cars, and it’s possible to organise scooters for all of your guests to go on mini adventures through the countryside. The views of rice paddies and waterfalls are truly spectacular, and there’s nothing like the wind blowing in your face as you zip around on a tropical island.


11. Food

Not only do we have a full-service kitchen, but we also have qualified chefs and waiters so you can specify the food you’d like to be served and we can cook it for you. This is especially important if you’re holding a health retreat which includes dietary considerations or want an expert cocktail mixer and some drinks waiters for an evening of celebration!



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This sublime tropical hideout has ‘to be seen to be believed’ so come and tour it at a time that suits you. We can be flexible to help meet your needs so whatever the event or party you’re in charge of planning, don’t hesitate to ask us and we’ll do what we can to make it an unforgettable experience.

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6 August 2018




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