Personal Concierge


Most of us have seen those ladies and gents dressed up just inside the hotel lobby; they are called the hotel concierge. They have a base and have knowledge of their hotel and the surrounding district and are the “go to” people for all hotel requests of information.

So imagine our concierge team for a moment: With offices based in Sydney, Bali, and Singapore our team in the concierge department have the challenging task of knowing all that is worth knowing in all the areas we represent, then support our guests “virtually”. We’re constantly recruiting for additional concierge team members as we expand across Asia, and the bar has been set incredibly high; so they are able to advise our guest of the best restaurants, most secluded beaches, coolest cafes, and the most incredible adventures in all of these amazing environments.

Our concierge team will touch base with you shortly after your booking confirmation to introduce themselves and ask you about the style of trip you’re aiming for. And they can be involved as much or as little as you like, it’s entirely up to you. But why not take advantage of this information and the contacts they have. We have employed them to be used at your disposal, we have created a brand that makes it your retreat, your time, your way.