7 Surf Schools to Perfect Your Bali Holiday

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7 Surf Schools to Perfect Your Bali Holiday

If you’re heading to Bali for a surf trip then you’re in good company! This little island is home to some of the best breaks in the world and Bali is also the jumping off point if you want to head further afield into the archipelago of Indonesia which is considered a mecca for surfers all over the globe.

There are world-class waves running up and down the coastline just waiting for you. But, before you get too enthusiastic make sure you’re armed for your Bali surf holiday with the skills you need to paddle out with confidence! To help, we’ve put together a list of the best surf schools and instructors in Bali. Book yourself in for some surf lessons with these legends and you’ll be set up for success whether you’re a grommet, a beginner adult, or an advanced surfer looking to perfect your moves.

These guys and girls can help you with timing, wave knowledge and technical improvement to make sure you don’t run into any sharp coral! They’re listed in no particular order, but each school suits a different type of surfer. We have also provided some links to some amazing villas within close proximity to each school.

1. SILVER SURF – One on one lessons with a local

Ketut Tirta has been teaching surfing for more than 20 years in Bali. He has worked at some of the best surf schools on the island and is now out on his own giving lessons to solo surfers or small groups in Canggu. He’ll take you to the break that suits you best and can also organise road trips further afield when it’s time to branch out. He’s patient and his English is top notch so you know you’re in good hands no matter what skill level you are.Villa Waha has clean lines and is perfect for families.

2. QUICKSLIVER SCHOOL OF SURF – Learn with a world champion

Once a world champion, Cheyne Horan went on to build a professional, friendly and safety conscious surf school in Legian which Quicksilver decided to buy. He’s now the head coach and provides lessons for both beginners and experienced surfers. If it’s your first time then expect a 2-hour lesson where you’ll learn techniques on the beach, if you’re a more experienced surfer we recommend you take a refresher course. He’ll check out your moves and help you perfect the techniques you need to get out there on your own. Villa Amelia is walking distance to the beach and has 4 bedrooms in the heart of it all.

3.ODYSSEYS SURF SCHOOL – Great for the kids

These guys have been around since 2003 and have a base in Kuta with some of the best equipment on the island. You’ll find it stocked with boards of all sizes and types, rash guards and helmets to keep your grommets safe. There’s a team of instructors who will go out with you to help you choose the right waves and get you on standing on your board within a couple of lessons. Villa Sophia is right next door to Amelia so ideal for 2 families travelling together both are 4 bedrooms and walking distance to Double Six beach.

4. RIP CURL SCHOOL OF SURF – Comprehensive study with a big brand

Rip Curl School of Surf offers a starter pack of three sessions that includes a study book to take home. You’ll be learning from pros who focus on making sure your technique, stance and positioning on the board are bang on before they teach you how to choose the waves that are best for you. They also offer kitesurfing, windsurfing and even wakeboarding and stock well-maintained equipment for rental or purchase. Villa Michelina is ideally located and walking distance to the Rip Curl surf school and perfect for a family with an awesome childrens bedroom.

5.CANGGU SURF SCHOOL – Area sprecific training

If you want to stay awhile in the hip area of Canggu than these are the guys to book your lessons with. They do daily classes at 9 am and 2 pm and they’ll teach you everything you need to know about surfing the breaks of Canggu. There is one coach for every two surfers and you’ll learn how to spot currents and identify sets or lulls as well as areas to avoid. Canggu is full of surfers and there are a variety of beaches to keep you happy on your Bali surfing holiday. Villa Kirgeo is great for families and groups and even comes with a selection of moutnain bikes and its own car.

6. UP2U SURF SCHOOL – The budget-freindly option

Based in Legian these guys will give you a whole day of surf training for about $22 Australian dollars. You’ll need to rent your board from the school and if you’re a beginner you’ll head to Padma Beach. More experienced surfers can organise transport to any break on the island and take their instructor with them. This place is known for its family-friendly Balinese vibe and offers value for money to get you out there as quickly and cheaply as possible.

7. SANTAI SURF SCHOOL – Supporting local communities

This school is run by Gede, a Balinese local and his English wife, they’re unique in that a guaranteed chunk of their earnings goes directly to a local community foundation. Gede is an awesome host who set up his own business after many years of teaching at the Rip Curl School of Surf. This isn’t a chic or stylish operation but they’re accredited by the Association of Surfing Instructors and they’ve got the talent to prove it. It’s perfect for those who want to make sure their Bali surf trip supports local community efforts. Bookings are limited and Gede is popular so make sure you ring ahead to avoid disappointment.

So there we have it! Our pick of the best surf schools in Bali. We also have a huge range of stunning villas in each of these areas so don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can likely sort you out with accommodation near your school and even restaurant recommendations in the area. Lots of love from the island of the gods until next time…

19 March 2018




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