Do A Post Christmas Detox In A Luxury Bali Villa


Do A Post Christmas Detox In A Luxury Bali Villa

Earlier in the month, we shared with you our favourite spots to buy fine wines and liquors for the holidays, so it only seems fair that we help you recover from those celebrations with some detoxification and health retreat options! Yes, we know, the irony is thick, but it’s holiday time, and we’re all human, so forgive yourself and make everything better with a detox in Bali. It’s the best place to restore your health and wellbeing.

People have been coming to this peaceful little island for years to recover from all sorts of ailments. The costs aren’t too high, and there’s a plethora of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables as well as naturopaths and health care provides to lend a helping hand. The goal? Clear your body of the toxins and pollutants from that busy lifestyle. If you’ve been overdoing it on the food and drink this year, then a detox is the perfect gift to reset your body and mind.

The first step is booking your accommodation, we have some gorgeous villas that are quiet and perfect for detoxing, and it’s super easy to have your detox menu delivered each day. We’ve chosen three professional detox options based around food. Each has been designed by nutritionists, and there are also experts on hand to help you detox safely. If you want to get the most out of your detox, you can also combine it with other treatments like colonic therapy, acupuncture, steam rooms, salt rooms and the many other services available in Bali.

Option one: A crafted detox menu from Motion Cafe

Based in Canggu, Motion Cafe is famous for tailoring juice and light meal detox programmes that are delicious as well as suited to the level of intensity you require. If you’ve experienced a detox before (and you want to go deep down the rabbit hole), there are juice and liquid fasting options. If you’re a first timer to the world of detox, they will organise soups and some very light fruit and vegetable-based meals. We recommend the plain soup detox. It has a gorgeous palette of flavours with herbs plus tasty Himalayan salt, and it’s completely free of sugar. So try feeding yourself these healthy soups, fruits and veggies for between 3 and 7 days! You’ll notice the results immediately and feel back to your normal self by the end of the week. Motion Cafe will deliver the food to your villa each morning so you can stay by the pool.

Option two: Cocoon Medical Spa + A Super Veggie Juice Cleanse

We love the idea of combining both food and health treatments to approach a detox from every angle. One way to do this is to combine a juice cleanse from a service like In the Raw with the services of a world-class medical spa like Cocoon.

Food: In The Raw are well known cold press juice suppliers and during their juice cleanses, you’ll have 6 to 8 bottles of colourful liquid fruit and vegetables delivered each day. Each is packed with nutrients and extremely tasty. You’ll hardly even notice that you’re not eating, but if getting hungry is something you’re worried about they can also customise your menu with a few light snacks each day to keep you in comfort.

Treatments: Cocoon medical spa is based in Seminyak, so it’s not far to go for some amazing treatments. We can organise drivers from our villa to take you there, and we recommend having a colonic irrigation in their state of the art hydrotherapy system. Water moves through you and then through a machine, so there’s no mess, and a therapist will rub your tummy as the cleanse is happening to encourage the release of all those toxins.

After your colonic, you’ll be lead through to the infrared sauna which uses heat to eliminate toxins through sweat. You’ll have wheatgrass shots and coconut water to rehydrate and then be given a massage in the salt room to finish the process. The salt room is built with bricks of Himalayan salt, and you’ll also have dry salt sprayed into the air. It’s an incredible way to cleanse the lungs and skin, especially good if you’ve given up smoking for your detox.

Option three: The Detox Room

The Detox room was created by an MD who came to believe in the holistic benefits of acupuncture, colonic therapy and Chinese Herbs combined. The staff there are absolute detox specialists and can help you to let go of all your bad habits with a cleanse between 3 and 10 days long. The acupuncture is specifically administered to help you to eliminate toxins as well as reduce those sugar cravings. Colon hydrotherapy will clear your large intestine of up to 30 pounds of waste and restore it to a normal 24-hour process where you eliminate food quickly each day. If you’re worried about the toxins from pharmaceuticals, air pollution, preservatives, chemicals and alcohol, then the Chinese herbs are for you. At the Detox Room, you’ll be given 7-10 days worth of herbs to complete your detoxification process.

Detox In A Luxury Bali Villa

You can visit the website of all of the companies above for more information, there are also detox retreats available, but they do take away the power of choice. Renting your own villa while you detox means you can ensure complete comfort on your own or in a small group. Check out the villa options we have ready to book in January. If you time it well you’ll get the best of the weather and the affordable post-holiday rates. Until next time!

10 January 2019




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