Eight of Bali Best Organic Cafes


Eight of Bali Best Organic Cafes

If eating well is important to you then make sure you get yourself down to some of Bali’s best organic cafes. Bali is known as the Island of The Gods and your body is your temple so make sure you connect the two and get your food fantasies fulfilled! Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or just plain picky about what you like to eat – we’ve got the answer.

Bali is literally a food lover’s paradise with flavors to suit any palate so below you’ll find our top eight cafes and restaurants in no particular order. We know holidays are a time to relax but you don’t have to sacrifice your diet or the taste of your food to eat clean! Get yourself a table at one of these hot spots and your body will thank you for it.

1. Zula

They say that Zula is where vegetarians go to heaven and with menus full of healthy, organic and fresh dishes you won’t be disappointed. There are also ‘meat-like’ options that’ll impress even the most determined carnivore. Zula supports local farmers by sourcing produce from the central highlands of Bali. They are strictly against genetically modified products and also stock a huge array of natural medicines and delicious organic treats. Whether you need a fresh salad, a warming stew or a healing brew for the gut, Zula is the place to go.

2. Earth Cafe

Earth Cafe is famous in Bali with several branches, one on Oberoi and one on Drupadi. The brand has been around since 2002 and was founded by a nutritionist with the aim of providing healthy, filling and organic food. The dishes on the menu are a mix inspired by flavours from the Mediterranean, India and Japan. You’ll walk in to find a cool and calming decor with attentive staff and food for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We suggest trying the fresh juices or the smoothie bowls.

3. Divine Earth

Located beside a yoga studio and with a cinema upstairs, Divine Earth is the perfect place to stop in for mid-day snacks, drinks and vegan treats. Their menu is organic and the raw options are a particular favourite with clean eaters. We suggest you try the avocado soup or the lemon cheesecake. If you prefer something cooked there are many options too – but you won’t find meat here as they are strictly vegetarian.

4. Peloton

Peloton Supershop is a haven for those who like their coffee with almond, soy or coconut milk. Their motto is to tread gently on the earth and the menu reflects this with vegan and vegetarian options that are simply delicious. Peloton also sells vintage and custom bicycles so if you’re wanting to fully reduce your footprint on the earth consider taking one home. The upstairs deck allows a relaxed view over the busy Jalan Pantai Berawa while you scarf down their tasty and generous meals. We love the power salad bowl and the nachos. The service at Peloton is top notch, there’s an open kitchen and many different places to sit depending on the size of your group.

5. Cafe Vida

Down the other end of Canggu, you’ll find Cafe Vida, an intimate little spot with delicious food. They’re not only organic but very strict about sourcing food that’s grown on the volcanic soils of the island in permaculture farms. Gluten-free diners will be thrilled to hear they use absolutely no wheat flour, palm oil or MSG. The menu has meat, paleo and veggie options and the smoothies are known to be thick and flavourful. Cafe Vida is very community focused with a program supporting homeless women and children and a completely plastic-free policy. Drop in here on your way down to Old Man’s Beach.

6. Moksa

Moksa restaurant in Ubud is a slice of heaven for raw food lovers and we have to say that this plant-based five-star culinary restaurant is an experience not to be missed! Other than stunning meals, Moksa also has regular cooking classes where you can work with the executive chef to prepare a meal using food grown exclusively from their permaculture garden. If you’re heading up to Ubud, Moksa is a must see and you’re likely to find yourself wanting to linger in this beautiful and creative space. You’ll find local coffees, healthy elixirs and both raw or cooked vegetarian food.

7. Kiln

Recently launched, Kiln offers a rustic environment with a comforting range of Mediterranean food that’s all organic and home cooked in the wood oven. There are meat options but also delicious flatbreads, veggie skewers and salads. You can choose small medium or large sized meals depending on the time of day and sit outside or under the unique chandelier made of lightbulbs besides the bar. The cocktails at Kiln are Instagram-worthy so it’s a great place to make a night of it after you’ve eaten. You’ll be thrilled to find yourself with options like honey and smoked pineapple margaritas to choose from.

8. Souq

This lifestyle store and cafe is a dangerous place if you like to shop! You’ll find yourself tempted not only with incredible food but racks of stylish clothes and homewares for the picking. Souq specialise in sustainable and organic food, there are fantastic salads, egg dishes and sandwiches with meat options for those who need their protein. We recommend you try the granola. Souq is the perfect place to sit back and relax in the kingly armchairs by the windows as you watch the world go by.


These are our top eight but there are many other options we can recommend including Bali Buddha, Cafe Organic and Housewives on Fire. Whatever your choice of food! We’re here to make sure you feel at home in Bali. So remember there’s no need to let go of your diet unless you want to.

2 February 2018




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