Five Unbeatable Bali Surf Breaks


Five Unbeatable Bali Surf Breaks

So it’s time for your yearly “boys or girls”’ trip? Well, there’s no better place then Bali for sick morning surfs, long lazy afternoons and endless sunshine to relax in after a hard year of work. While Bali is famous for its excellent waves, the surfers in our office have put together a list of the best five breaks as judged by the locals who live here year round. Enjoy!

By the way, it’ll save you time and transport costs to stay down the coast for access to all of the spots on our list, but we’ve got some perfect villas in mind for your crew to make your own.Get in touch with us to have a chat about your accommodation and we’ll be happy to help you find exactly what you need.

1. Padang-padang

Though it can get a little crowded, Padang Padang is one of the best lefts in the world and is considered a barrel-making machine by both locals and international visitors. It famously holds international surfing events such as the Rip Curl Padang Padang Cup and offers a 50-meter ride with a steep take off that’ll quickly envelop you into a thick, reeling barrel. However, due to being tucked below Bali’s Bukit peninsula, Padang needs a major swell (8-15 foot) to crank to its full potential and frankly, it doesn’t break as often as we’d like it to. Luckily, the beach is also an excellent spot for relaxing and swimming, there are loungers for your partner to tan on and rock pools for the kids to splash around in during low tide. Oh, and if you have any beginners in your crew you can head to Mini Padang. It’s a beginner/intermediate wave that’s based almost next door and a great place to get them used to the Bali reef bottoms.

2. Bingin

If you’re a goofy footer then Bingin is the place to go. It’s a fun tube that commonly swells to three feet, but can go up to ten feet on good days. It has a steep backdoor take off into a short and fast power wave. It’s best to head out during mid or high tide as the reef below is sharp and unforgiving. Like all Bukit spots, Bingin can get busy so don’t paddle out unless you’re confident surfing in a crowd. A word of warning, while this spot is almost always a guaranteed barrel, you should watch your space while you’re out there, talk to the locals, get in line for waves or get ready to defend yourself from drop-ins.

3. Dreamland

If your tide timing is off then head to Dreamland, it’s often forgotten amongst the bevvy of amazing spots in Bali, but it’s one of the few on the Bukit that breaks onto sand so you’re not going to be patching up any reef cuts. It has a pretty mellow break with rolling A-frames which are ideal for mini malibus and even longboards. While this is known as one of the less intense surf spots, it can produce unexpected power barrels at low tide. The crowd is friendly and laid back. There are plenty of places to eat and relax while you’re out of the water and lots of cool caves and boulders for the kids to climb on and explore. If you’re a bodyboarder then wait until low tide for some excellent shore breaks that’ll leave you feeling like you’re on top of the world.

4. Balangan

If you’re a beginner or intermediate then get over to Balangan. You can rent a board and score a lesson or just head out to one of the two surf spots. The first and most commonly known is out the back near the cliff. It’s a left-hander with a racing barrel that can handle overhead and even double overhead swells. On small days the wave is good for intermediates but there are also smaller breaks in a spot that’s closer to shore for the newbies still on foamies. Balangan is also really good for longboarders and works best during high to mid tide. When it’s time to get out of the water you’ll find pristine white sand and lots of friendly warungs to grab a bite to eat.

5. Suluban

The last spot on our list is for experienced surfers only. Both left and right-handers produce powerful barrels that are joyfully consistent if there’s a crowd out. This place is worth a visit at any tide time but is best with a three to five-foot swell. You’ll have to access Suluban through a crevice under a couple of giant boulders, so it can be a little tricky to find the good spot but don’t give up! Sunset surfing here is magic and can be super peaceful because it’s not as popular as Uluwatu or Bingin. Make sure you take a bottle of water in your scooter or car as there aren’t too many warungs around to quench your thirst after a hard ride.

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1 December 2017




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