Mount Agung Update – 6th December 2017


Mount Agung Update – 6th December 2017

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the international media lately you’ve no doubt seen the news on the increased seismic activity from Mount Agung, a volcano in the east of Bali. There have been some small eruptions of late, but unfortunately, much of the reporting on Mount Agung has been inaccurate and in some cases exaggerated for dramatic effect.

Last week the airport closed temporarily as a precautionary measure to protect jet engines from the risk of possible damage from volcanic ash that was blown by winds into the area. However, ash is no longer being emitted by the volcano so everything is back to normal with flights regularly coming in and out of Denpasar Airport.

To give you an idea of scale, Mount Agung is located approximately 75 km from the Seminyak and Canggu areas. The government has evacuated locals living within a 10km zone of Mount Agung as a safety precaution, but unlike the media suggests, the rest of the island remains unaffected. It’s ironic to see headlines that use words like ‘devastation’ while we wake up each day to clear blue skies and the same tropical weather as always.

Our hearts are with the locals closer to Mount Agung, many of whom have had their lives disrupted and are living in temporary shelters while the mountain settles again. We continue to donate to help the displaced through the and encourage you to do the same if you’re a regular to the beautiful island of Bali.

Bali is located in what’s called the Pacific Ring of Fire, a chain of volcanoes that regularly exhibit seismic activity. This means that eruptions here are relatively normal though at times a little unpredictable. The good news is that the volcano is showing signs of settling again. There is no magma or lava visible and the ash has now stopped streaming into the air meaning all flights are operational and holidaymakers have no reason to cancel their plans.

We will continue to support the displaced locals of east Bali to return to their homes, but we’re also proud to manage some of the best villas and holiday properties in the south of the island. All our villas are in locations that remain unaffected by the seismic activity of Mount Agung. Put simply we are too far away from the mountain to be at risk – even if Mount Agung does decide to wake up again.
So, if you’re planning a trip to beautiful Bali make sure you consult reputable news sources rather than those competing for web traffic with click-bait style headlines. It pays to listen to science over sensationalism or you could be in danger of missing out on visiting one of the most beautiful places on earth!

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