The Female Travellers Guide to Having Fun in Bali


The Female Travellers Guide to Having Fun in Bali

If you’re planning a fabulous girls week in paradise or, you’re a solo female traveller making her way to the stunning island of Bali, then this article was written just for you. We’re all about making Bali holidays amazing, so read on to take advantage of the best fun activities to make your Bali experience an enlightening and unforgettable journey. If you haven’t sorted your accommodation yet, click here to discover some of our perfect girl’s weekend villas and read on for a list of suggestions for girls who just want to have fun!

Bali has a few different hot spots for diving and snorkelling. If you’re certified to dive, then we suggest you head out to Nusa Penida to Amed for some gorgeous underwater action. There are drift dives and Manta-Ray sightings most of the year. If you’re here in April and May, you may be lucky enough to see the Mola Mola come out.

Bali is a hot spot for both the aspiring and the experienced yogini; there are a variety of different yoga schools and retreats including Escape Haven. You can find a list of them here, but just generally, Ubud and Canggu are the two centres for yoga on the island. In both of these place, you’ll find classes to suit every taste. Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Aerial yoga and even yoga for surfers.

If you look at the yoga retreats mentioned above, you’ll find there are meditation classes at many of the same spots. Bali is an excellent location for meditation. It’s relatively easy to find some peace and quiet to attend to your mind. Further to this, Balinese Hinduism has many evident elements of Buddhism so with the constant daily practice of offerings and prayers you’ll find peace and tranquillity a natural part of the vibe here.

Oh my golly, ladies you are in for a treat! There is a range of incredible spas and wellness centres in Bali. You can get pretty much whatever you would like, depending on how much spare time you have. There’s everything from the standard stuff like facials and manicures to more advanced treatments. Refer to the list on our blog for more information.

In recent years Bali’s inner city beaches have suffered from a rubbish disposal problem but you can still catch some rays, kick back and enjoy a cocktail and the water is safe to swim in. However, if the intrepid traveler inside of you yearns for the clear blue water and white sand of the travel catalogues, then it could be better to aim for beaches off the beaten track. We can recommend Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Sanur and Medewi.

Indonesia boasts some of the best surfing in the world and Bali has some top spots to consider if you’re an experienced surfer or want to learn. Check out this article on places to surf or just visit the idyllic little surf village of Canggu. It has breaks to suit every type of surfer.

One of the most fun and photogenic parts of Bali is Ubud’s Sacred Monkey Forest. It’s a jungle temple inhabited by hundreds of cheeky little monkeys. You’ll find it opens early in the morning and we recommend visiting then before the heat of the day (and the sugar from the bananas) gets the monkeys too excited. It’s important not to try and touch them or pick them up, but you’ll find them more than willing to pose for a photo. Make sure you stow any fancy sunglasses or jewellery away before you arrive. The monkeys have no mercy when it comes to stealing your belongings.

If you’re here in March, don’t miss the Bali Spirit Festival. It features days of yoga, fashion, health, wellness and alternative treatments along with enough music and dance to connect you right back to your beautiful wild heart. Google the festival online to find tickets. It’s generally at the end of March each year.

The Bali Writers’ Festival is the ideal event for women with a penchant for literature, smart people and intellectual conversation. You’ll find the festival is held in Ubud every year at the end of October. Check the next dates on their website (enter site) and be prepared to go on a journey of the mind.

If you’re the creative sort, then we can’t recommend taking a jewellery making class enough! You’ll find yourself blessed with the material, the teaching and the time to make two or three creations that will correctly represent your Bali adventure. Contact us here to find out more about that; your villa manager can also recommend a great spot close by.

Calling out the fierce Goddess that’s hiding inside of you with a couple of classes of Kecak, a stunning Balinese traditional dance. You’ll be dressed up in a sarong, and a kebaya (lace blouse) with a sash then instructed on making a series of small movements which flow into a beautiful display.

A lovely part of Bali’s culture is the act of offering gifts to the Gods. These come in all sizes, but the most common is a small woven tray made of banana leaf and local flowers. Making these is an intricate yet meditative way to connect with the craftswomen inside of you, and you’ll learn how to make the offering itself with a prayer and a stick of incense.

The Balinese are deeply religious people and spend many days of the month in temple depending on the placement of the moon and family occasions. One of the most stunning ways to ground yourself in the culture is to visit a Balinese temple with a local family. You can introduce yourself to the women and learn the beautiful ways of temple life.

If you love to cook, then you’ll fall for the flavour combinations and the fresh and healthy Balinese style. Traditional Balinese food has an exquisite balance of herbs and spices in each dish. We recommend classes at Casa Luna or Bambu. There are also private classes where you can visit a market, barter for the ingredients and cook in a traditional Balinese kitchen with a friendly local Ibu (mother).


Escape to Bali and come home to yourself

Bali is a small island with a huge heart so if you’re a female traveller don’t miss the opportunity to step into the arms of the culture here. You’ll be immersed in nature, safe and likely to connect with your heart in ways you could never have imagined.

25 June 2018




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